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Los Angeles Concrete Service

Our Services

When making your concrete vision a reality, we use professional equipment, trained concrete technicians and quality concrete products. Concrete is an excellent choice for your home improvement needs. Most developed surfaces are made from concrete because of its strength, durability and ease of formation.

Unlike some other companies, Los Angeles Concrete Service always strengthens our pours through use of steel rebar reinforcement. This provides our driveways, slabs and patios with added solidity and durability that will stand the test of time.

We can fulfill some of the most basic property needs, such as pouring slabs for sheds, creating small sidewalks, creating ramps for the disabled or making small additions to patios. But we can also tackle larger projects, such as replacing driveways, pouring pool decks or repairing parking lots. Whether large or small, whether 100 square feet or 1000, we are here to make your concrete project a reality with both integrity and excellence.